Clinical study

In an in-house clinical study 15 females were subjected to twice daily dosing of Olepent® for 56 days. The assessments included:

Dermatologist’s evaluation

  • A significant improvement in hydration and smoothness was achieved by 73% of subjects
  • Skin clarity was achieved by 33.4% of subjects
  • This is followed by improvement in overall skin tone and reduction in frown lines by 20% of subjects

Moisturization effects

  • A significant moisturization effects were observed for the right cheek (p=0.056) and forehead (p=0.002)

Reduction in wrinkles

  • A significant reduction in both right (p=0.017) and left (p=0.003) crow’s feet area from baseline to day 56

Reduction in percent wrinkle area and spots

  • A significant reduction in percent wrinkle area on the right side & percent spot on the frontal and left sides (all p: 0.05<p<0.10)